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Keep up to date on Lamination Preservation

Gallery’s  Plaque and Flush-Box Mount Lamination


This website is a work in progress! We will be changing, updating

many features and navigational aspects of this site.

Our SLIDE SHOW on our home page gives an overview of our

Gallery Plaque and Flush-Box Mount process.

Check out our  DETAILS  page for specifics on how, why and what

we laminate. Our STYLES page will show you our Classic Plaque

and Signature Flush-Box Mount. As well as ,the embelishments,

finishes, combinations and options available. The IDEAS page will

help you brainstorm what you might like to do with your items.

There is also a page of many different BROCHURES  showing ideas

from children’s art, to the office or something as personal as

creating art from an individuals tattoos.

We are full of ideas and clever ways to present your art,

memorabilia, treasures and like!  To help you with ideas, in our

blog we will feature assorted projects that clients have had us do.

If you are trying to find Art for your home or office, we will be

putting up links to some really great Art Print and Poster

companies. As well we are working on our on-line STORE.

Other SERVICES we offer are custom framing, large format digital

printing, photography, project development, design, coordination

and more.

We are also an integral part of our community. We will use our

Blog to keep you posted about events we are doing. We do a lot of

posting on Facebook under - Lamination Preservation. Come join

our friends!  Along with our Gallery Plaque and Flush-Box

Mounting, we like to share great art finds, travel, nature,

restaurants, services or anything else we find that we think is

interesting  and would like to share with you.

Come by! If your are not near by call us! We will help you via the

phone and internet. Or we will refer you to a gallery in your

neighborhood that offers our service. CONTACT US

No two projects are the same! We we look forward to give you

personalized service and creating that special something just for


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