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© Lamination Preservation Gallery established 1995                         Capital District -Albany, Troy, Saratoga, Schenectady, Guilderland NY                                       

Plaque Mount    -     “Classic”

Our Gallery Plaque Mount: A true Classic with

it’s simplicity.

Our Plaque is 3/8” in depth and is solid MDF.                             


This budget friendly product offers you both

quality and value. Ideal for smaller items. It’s

the perfect choice for photos, certificates, kids

art, calendar pages, letters of recognition /


This style is perfect for images as small as 3.5”

x 3.5”. For the best product performance we

recommend a maximum size of 24” x 36”.

Styles - Our Plaque Mount and Flush-Box Mount                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Are the cornerstone styles of our collection. From these two styles, we create all the other styles in our Gallery

Mount Collection. The quality of our craftsmanship, product features and materials - substrates, our fortified dry-

mounting process, premium lamination film, custom built in hanging system remain consistent throughout all of our

styles. Only the options change. Options you may choose to add include: Canvas or Satinex lamination, mattings,

filets, floating layers or even a traditional frame! Best of all, there no extra charge to laminate and mount odd sizes! 

Our Substrates 

All options are available on either the 3/8” Classic Plaque or the 

7/8” Signature Flush-Box Mount. The 1/8” Masonite is used when

we “Float” a layer. As well as when you would like to be able to

frame your photo / poster with a traditional molding.

Options you may add include Canvas or Satinex lamination,

mattings, filets, floating layers or even a traditional frame!

Dress-up and personalize your art with your own artistic flair!  

Plaque Mounting and Flush-Box Mounting by


Flush-Box Mount    -   “Signature”

Our Gallery Flush-Box Mount: Our Signature


Our Flush-Box Mount is 7/8” in depth. Crafted

from 1/8 solid MDF with a 6/8” deep Rail

Molding. Our Rail Molding is what gives our

Flush-Box Mount it’s depth and strength.

The Flush-Box Mount is lighter in weight than

the plaque and is hollow in the back! Perfect

for large items. Showcase your art prints,

posters, maps, photo enlargements, graphics or

over-sized printed graphics.

This style is for images as small as 8” x 10 “ up

to 4 feet by 8 feet.

Our Laminate Finishes

All of our films or of the same premium quality.

The choice of which to use is based on the

effect you wish your image to have.

Our Non-Reflective Matte film is the standard

finish on our products. The Non-Reflective film

provides a dead matte finish.

Optional films are Satinex and Canvas. Our

Satinex finish has a slight shimmer and it

enhances colors.

Our Canvas finish enhances your image with a

heavy cross-hatch pattern. The pattern is

within the Lamination film itself. It is perfect

for prints that your would like to make look

like a painting. 

The films are applied directly to the surface of your image. We do not “transfer” or reproduce your image. We use your original image.  

Floating Layer  -  “Montage Mount”

Also available in either the style: Plaque 3/8”

or Flush-Box Mount 7/8”.  Your photos,

diplomas and Art Prints will “Stand Out” with

this look! The image / document is raised and

floating above either a single or double mat.


All Enhancements are available in both the Plaque or Flush-Box Mount styles -  

Enhancements to select from: One Mat. Two Mats. One Mat with a Filets (Pin-Stripe).  Gold or Silver Foils. Floating

layers. Even add a traditional frame molding.

These options will enhance the look of any photo, poster or drawing. Diplomas and certificates look professional and

prestigious. Dress-up and personalize your art with your own artistic flair!

Mattings & more  -  “Accent Mount”

Available in either the style: Plaque 3/8” or

Flush-Box Mount 7/8”. Single or double matting

will accent and enhance the look of any photo,

poster or drawing. Hand place Pin-stripe filets

will make your image pop. Artistic!


                          OUR STYLES and MANY OPTIONS! 

Style Options and Enhancements

You image goes on top of the matting. The matting goes completely under your image.

Complement your image with endless combinations -  

                                                          Our options range from sleek and simple to extreme! Every project is unique!

Our Artisen Edge Finished  

Select from a variety of stylish Artisan Edge

Colors to perfectly complement your Art. Our

edges look perfect on all styles of Art and on

all sizes. Each Gallery Lamination is made and

finished individually. Just for your Art.

The majority of color is seen from the side of

your image with about 1/8” of color showing

on the bevel from the front of the image. Our

Gallery Lamination Mounts are profiled with 90

degree corners, straight sides and a sleek 45

degree bevel on the front.

Our Artisan Edge Finish will not leave marks on

your walls like the painted edge finish you see

on plaques from big box store companies. Our

finish is the same finish that’s applied and used

in making beautiful furniture and cabinets.

The perfect complement to your Art /

document without over powering your image!

Masonite Mount - The “Frame-Able”  &  The “Ultimate”

All the benefits of our Gallery Lamination and Custom Framing.

The “Frame-Able” is designed to be used with a frame. It is an 1/8” thick masonite and will fit perfectly into a frame

channel. The entire surface of the masonite can be your image finished with one of our Premium Lamination Films.

The “Ultimate” is our “Frame-Able”. Jazz it up with matting, filets & floating levels for the “Ultimate”combination! 

It can be as simple or elaborate , as you would like!